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Guiding Values

These values, for a Pro-Seeker team member, are not just words on a page but a compass to navigate the landscape of daily business decisions.

Customer Service
We succeed only when our customers succeed. We are committed to providing the highest quality service possible, to foster their success. Customers are not problems to be solved, they are partners. We serve each one with absolute respect and professionalism.
We say what we will do, and we do what we say. All Pro-Seeker team members adhere to strict honesty in both internal and external interactions. We face the truth good or bad with an understanding that the truth is an unwavering foundation upon which to build success for ourselves and our customer-partners.

Each employee's choices and actions define our corporate integrity. We expect honest, direct and ethical relationships with all of our shareholders.

We seek and embrace the talents of people with unique perspectives, experiences and cultures, for our own staff. These differences foster innovation and are integral to our competitive edge and overall success. People of diverse backgrounds expand our ability to relate to a wider market place and serve the diverse needs of our clients.

We help our customer-partners to recruit talented candidates according to their own policies regarding equal opportunity employment. We make no pre-judgment about the suitability of a given candidate because of race, color, religion, or handicap. We do however, strictly enforce the need for ethical and moral professionals in the job-market and will enforce any criteria regarding criminal background, drug abuse and other issues pertaining to suitability for hire.

Individual Responsibility
Our corporate success requires that each individual takes responsibility for being the best at their job and working together. We are accountable for our actions and take ownership of our relationships, internally and externally, to ensure success for Pro-Seeker, our clients, and the candidates we serve.
Open Communication
We value consistent, forthright and open communication at all levels within the organization, with our shareholders and with our customers. We expect problems to be faced and solved in an open environment. This is closely related to our value for Integrity.
Mentoring and Training-
Our success is intertwined with the success and continued development for all of our staff. Our training programs are honed and refined by experience and we take every opportunity to improve our staff and their ability to excel personally and professionally and to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. We expect senior team members to mentor and coach the newer staff, with respect for their independence and level of experience.
Financial Performance
The essential nature of any professional body is to earn profits by which the needs of people, families and communities are met. This profitability depends upon our continued ability to provide world-class service to our clients. If we are consistent in this one area we will enjoy sustained growth in profitability.

Mission Statement

  • We bring world-class talent to our clients, through excellence and adherence to winning principles

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